The day before…

Late sunday night… Going through the last final preparations for tomorrow… Just tried on covering my body with white body paint and I think I willl use it tomorrow… I am aware it resonates with butoh performance, but I am interested in appearing to the audience not as ‘Rita Marcalo naked’ but as an animalistic being so covering my body might help me achieve that… Will see if it works…

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3 Responses to The day before…

  1. Roo Sarwar says:

    Did the body paint work? I didn’t notice in the dark but it didn’t seem like you had it on.

  2. ritamarcalo says:

    I did have body paint on but it got rubbed off as the performance went on… Interesting to know it wasn’t that evident… Did you go quite early on or later on?

    • Roo Sarwar says:

      sorry for late reply, I was due in at 7pm but ended up going in around 8.15pm/8.30pm ish. I was a bit rushed for time hence didn’t watch the person after me on the screen, shame as would have been interesting. I must have been very boring to watch for the previous person as I just stood and watched most of the time. I definateloy think the paint had come off by the time I watched it.

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