Finally friday

Holly documenting the rehearsal

Holly documenting the rehearsal

It’s friday… The last day of our residency… The piece is there, all seems sorted and we are now just doing final rehearsing… We have just had the opportunity to share our work with some people at The Mill and it has been very helpful… I find that audience participation pieces rely so much on clear instructions, that if you don’t test them out on different people you don’t really know what works…

I am happy with the piece. It is so simple (I think possibly the simplest thing I’ve ever done), and I keep fighting the urge to make it more theatrical… But I know it has to stay as it is: one image which eventually disappears… Nothing else…

Last night I was reflecting on how my work is changing. These days it is less to do with presenting the spectators with a series of images or a narrative, but more to do with presenting them with one image, and letting people experience it. I don’t remember making a decision about this so I’m still suprised by it… In a schizophrenic kind of way I feel like I am watching this latest development in my work as if from afar and waiting to see where it is going and why it has happened…

It is interesting the way things change as you change in life… I am getting to the end of my thirties and my body is marked by injury and bodily memories of injury, which has also changed my contemporary technique and the way I dance. It could be that… Or maybe now I am giving myself more time to be, to absorb the significance of almost nothing. Whereas when I was younger I wanted to fill the performance space with lots of things/narratives/movements…

Whatever the reason, I like what I am doing, and I am surprised by it…

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