The best payment

One of the audience members at Sprint didn’t just leave payment, he/she wrote on the note:

Queen’s side – The Labouring Angel

Back of note: There is a Light that Never Goes Out

I did try to scan it but apparently computers have an inbuilt software who prevents the scanning of bank notes to avoid forgery, so it is not doing it…

Anyways, this was the best payment I received…

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Some comments left by the audience

Audience feedback - Yorkshire Dance

Audience feedback – Sprint 2
Audience feedback – Sprint 1
Audience feedback – Theatre in the Mill


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Monetary value 3

Monetary value attributed to the performances at the Theatre in the Mill:

  • First day: £24.31
  • Second day £19.00

Won’t even attempt the calculations on this one…

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Monetary value 2: an argument for the subsidy of experimental performance?

My hourly rate as performer as judged by audience members: @ Sprint £19.10/hour and @ Yorkshire Dance £6.36.

Hummm… But in the calculations above I only included the actual 3 hours of the performance and maybe I should calculate it on the basis of the whole set up and take donw time… So on that basis it is: @ Sprint £7.19 and at Yorkshire Dance £2.39…

And if I divide it by all the other performers involved we have: Sprint £1.80/hour and Yorkshire Dance £0.60/hour… If ever there was a case for making the argument for the subsidy of experimental art practice I reckon this should do?

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Monetary value attributed to the performance

One of the things I am exploring with When Night Falls is the act of placing a monetary value upon the experience: the piece is advertised in a way that no ticket prices are set, and the audience is instead asked to pay what they think the experience was worth.

We have now trialed this in two separate venues: Sprint festival (Camden People’s Theatre in London) and Yorkshire Dance (Leeds), and the results were:

  • At Sprint (London) the audience attributed to the performance a monetary value of £57.50 per night (average).
  • Yesterday at Yorkshire Dance (Leeds) the audience attributed to the performance a monetary value of £19.10 (one night).

It is too early to analyse these, and I look forward to our performances next week at Theatre in the Mill to begin to identify a particular trend, if indeed there is one.

But I wonder if, as I continue to tour this piece, I will see a distinct difference between geographical locations, or between different audiences (live art audiences versus dance and theatre audiences for instance).

I also wonder whether I will see a correlation between audiences that engage actively in the work and audiences that tend to adopt a more passive stance. In other words, because the experience is partially created by the audience member, I wonder whether audiences that are more confortable interacting will place a higher monetary value upon their shared experience with me, with those that are more passive (and therefore are merely considering for valuation what I do which in itself isn’t much) placing a lower monetary value.

Only future performances will tell…

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To the man who came down to my level

Thank you for taking your clothes off. Thank you for laying on the floor with me. Thank you for dragging yourself on the floor with me. Thank you for making me not feel alone. Thank you for making yourself so vulnerable…

I wanted to hugg you…

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Sprint: Inside Me

Perform first hour…

Perform second hour… In pain… Finding slight adjustments in the way I carry wings to give some parts of my back and arms a rest… Perform second hour… New pain… Find some more new adjustments…

Perform third hour… Unbearable… Streching in between sessions… Why did I ever decide to do this? Find new adjustments…

End of day 1: Sleep… Rest… Eat…

Next day: body feels very bruised. Unsure I can bear the pain of the wings on my back. Take parecetamol before performance.

Perform first hour… Unbearable…

Perform second hour… Painkillers kicking in… I’m ok…

Perform third hour… Stiff… Finding new adjustments… Where else in my back can I rest the wings? Stretching between audience members…

Towards the end… Happiness… My body coped!

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